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#mEatDrinkBlog – Valentines Day Edition

It’s been a long time between drinks, but we are finally there. The next #mEatDrinkBlog will be a PotLuck dinner held at the lovely co-working space of Inspire 9 on, the 14th February.

What to bring?

It’s a potluck, so bring your favourite potluck dish, whether that’s a curry, a salad or a heart-shaped pavlova and we’ll all feast on a bit of this and a bit of that. Also, feel free to bring a bottle of wine, a six pack of beer or a Big Lebowski style White Russian kit.

As far as cooking implements go, there are a couple of gas cookers and a microwave but no oven and not too many pots and pans. Best bet is to bring your food in a stove-top casserole dish or something of the sort. If you are unsure, just drop me a line and I’ll be able to give some guidance.

Who’s invited?

Anyone and everyone who’s interested in food and food blogging/writing. We are a friendly bunch so feel free to bring a friend.


7:00pm, 14th February.


Inspire 9. Level 1, 43 Stewart St. Richmond. It’s right next to the Richmond Train station. So take a tram down Swan St, or a train to Richmond station.


We haven’t really had a definite yay, or nay about having talks. i9 is a great spot for something or other, so if you are interested in giving us a talk about something, please let me know.


RSVP in the comments here or email me at just so we have some idea of numbers.

mEatDrinkBlog – 22nd September

It’s that time again, mEatDrinkBlog has been locked in for the 22nd September at the Vine Hotel, 59 Wellington Street, Collingwood. It isn’t Bastille day, and no-one is organising a truffle dinner so I’m expecting a good turnout. It will get started at 7pm.

As far as food goes, I’ve asked Mr Ron O’Bryan to ensure that the vegetarian’s amongst us are catered for. I know it was a little bit shit at the last one.

As always, everyone who is interested in eating, writing about food, tweeting about food or talking to a swathe of random bloggery types is welcome.

For the talk/entertainment, we discussed at the last meetup of having a few different people (bloggers old and new) talking for 3-5 minutes about how and we they blog and a little bit of Q&A. So if I could have a few people volunteer for that, that’d be great or perhaps we should pick names out of a hat on the night.

As always, please RSVP here in the comments so we can ensure the venue is ready for the onslaught.

It’s also worth noting that mEatDrinkBlog is coming under the heading of the Fringe Food Festival and in the future the announcements will come on that site.

mEatDrinkBlog Melbourne #2

4 months is like 2 months right? So we probably missed an edition of mEatDrinkBlog, but in the spirit of better late than never, the next one is on the northside on July 14. Things will get started at 7:15 so get there a bit early and enjoy a beer or 2.

It’s at the Provincial and we are being hosted by a fellow who goes by the name of Paul Cooper. As far as food goes, we can order off the dining or bar menu or if there is enough interest Paul can create a special set menu for us. Let me know with your RSVP if you are interested in it.

As with the last meetup, RSVP in the comments and I’ll add you to the mailing list for future events.


As I didn’t quite make it to the last event (apologies everyone) I don’t really know how it went down. I’d love to hear feedback on how the format of that evening went and if you’d like me to do a crash course on Google Analytics, and if anyone else would like to present something or talk about something. It’s definitely something that is up for suggestion, change and input. If you’d like to speak next time, let me know in an email.

Who’s invited?

If you are a interested in food, wine, coffee or anything mildly related and you either have a blog, or tweet about it a lot. You are! Really, we aren’t fussy and if you are interested in coming along then you are more than welcome. There will be plenty of people to bounce ideas off, encourage you to start a blog or otherwise help out with any of the hairy technical or other problems. Come along! The more the merrier.

Count me in!

If you are going to attend, leave a comment in the comments here with your name and correct email address and we will keep you updated on any changes. Just be sure to let us know if you can’t make it so that we can get the numbers right for the venue.

Many thanks go to Tammi for picking up the reigns last time and Eatnik who helped pull this together.