Introducing mEatDrinkBlog Melbourne

For the Melbourne food blogging community, it has been a long time between drinks. The last time the community (aside from the odd tweetup here and there) was together was probably EatDrinkBlog, the first food bloggers conference around this time last year. That’s too long ago. Today, I’m announcing the next part in that series.

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It is a regular meetup – every month or 2. A time for a group of food bloggers to have a sit down, catch up, learn a little, eat a lot and drink. Here’s the deal. On the 31st of March, at the Rising Sun Hotel in South Melbourne we will have room for 30 keen bloggers to listen to 2×10 minute talks, each with a few minutes for questions and then enjoy a pub meal and a few beverages. It starts at 7, with the talks to start at 7:30 and dinner at 8.

The pub is just a short walk form the 112 tram in South Melbourne and chef’d by the venerable Mr Ron O’Bryan.

There is no cost for the event itself, but the food and drink isn’t included, so you’ll have to sort yourself out. The meals are no more than $30 unless you want a big slab of steak.

Well, you’ll mostly have to sort yourself out. will be putting enough money on the bar so that everyone can grab a tasty glass of Pinot or beer and get that conversation flowing.


We are looking for speakers for this night and nights in the future. I’ve asked @tammois to moderate the evening, so if you’d like to speak about anything relevant to food blogging, please contact her at with a brief outline of what you would like to talk about. If you aren’t sure about topics, checkout the program for the conference last year as an example. If you aren’t available on the 31st, but might be for the next event, drop her an email anyway and let her know.

I’ve already put up my hand and I’ll be doing an introduction on Google Analytics. Delving in a little bit deeper than just seeing how many people have visited your site in the last month.

Who’s invited?

If you are a interested in food, wine, coffee or anything mildly related and you either have a blog, or tweet about it a lot. You are! Really, we aren’t fussy and if you are interested in coming along then you are more than welcome. There will be plenty of people to bounce ideas off, encourage you to start a blog or otherwise help out with any of the hairy technical or other problems. Come along! The more the merrier.

Count me in!

If you are going to attend, leave a comment in the comments here with your name and correct email address and we will keep you updated on any changes. Just be sure to let us know if you can’t make it so that we can get the numbers right for the venue.

Many thanks go to Ed and Tammi who’ve helped pull this together.

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38 Responses to “Introducing mEatDrinkBlog Melbourne”

  1. Nola commented:

    Count me in! I will be there between 7.30 and 8pm though please start without me :)

    Great idea!

  2. mEatDrinkBlog Melbourne! » Tammi Tasting Terroir commented:

    […] Michael over at My Aching Head has come up with a brilliant plan to bring the Melbourne food blogging community together on a regular basis to a) eat, b) drink, c) talk all things food blogging. You can read about the details, including our first venue & date, on his blog. […]

  3. Tresna commented:


  4. Reemski commented:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I wanna come!

  5. Emma @CakeMistress commented:

    Love the idea of a regular series. Will be great to thrash out ideas and things in person again. I’m in for the 31st too.

  6. Cindy commented:

    Sounds excellent – sign me up!

  7. Duncan | Syrup and Tang commented:

    An interesting idea! I hope I can make it (often work late on Thursdays, alas). Will have to confirm later.

  8. Anthony Key commented:

    Think I’m gonna get me one o’ dem blogs. One cannot live on tweets alone

  9. Ceri | Healthy Party Girl commented:

    I’ll definitely be down for that!

  10. Jetsetting Joyce commented:

    Fab idea! Will try to make it, if not will certainly try to come to future meetups so keep me updated please :)

  11. Jess commented:

    I’m in.

  12. Ed commented:

    Bugger! I booked in for the Rick Bakas event on the 31st but I should be able to get there by 8 so it looks like I may be in.

    And yes, I know I owe you the logo. Just have to set up my old desktop and will sort this week.

  13. penny aka jeroxie commented:

    me plus ONE! Will be there by 8pm though. Awesome!

  14. Z commented:

    Hey Cats,

    Sounds great. Please mark down Zenon, David and George from The Burger Adventure.


  15. Emily commented:

    Great idea!

    I can’t come along on the 31st but would love to be put on a mailing list so I can attend future meet ups.

    Excellent work!

  16. Anna commented:

    I’m in for 1!

  17. Agnes commented:

    Great idea – I’m in!

  18. Maree commented:

    I’m in + 1 : )

  19. Amber Jamieson commented:

    I’m definitely interested in coming along.

  20. Ashley Ng commented:

    Sounds like fun! Should be able to make it!

  21. Kat (Spatula, Spoon and Saturday) commented:

    Count me in :)

  22. Pat commented:

    I’m a starter if all the seats aren’t taken

  23. Jo - secondhelping commented:

    Count me in too please!

  24. christine commented:

    I will have to juggle a few things but I hope to get down there from my village “Daylesford-Hepburn Springs”…. Can I b pencilled in for now with a formal confirmation closer to the date?

  25. Pat commented:

    Sorry – I can’t make it after all. Drat.

  26. Ani commented:

    I just stumbled across this – sounds like fun. Is there still room?

  27. Stickifingers commented:

    What a great idea. I would like to come to the inaugural, but think it’s unlikely this week. Please keep me in the loop for further events.

  28. Ani commented:

    Also bringing a plus 1 :-)

  29. claire commented:

    I’ll be there!

  30. another outspoken female commented:

    I’m a definite maybe.

  31. Amber Jamieson commented:

    Sadly I’m going to have do to a last minute cancel on this one, apologies. Will definitely try and get along to the next one.

  32. Kat (Spatula, Spoon and Saturday) commented:

    Thanks for a great time everyone! Shame to miss those who couldn’t make it.

  33. Fitzroyalty commented:

    How was it? Am keen to come next time.

  34. Clance commented:

    Hey Michael.
    Great blog.
    Count me in for this!

  35. Clance commented:

    Oops, that was march – it’s already April!
    When’s the next one.

  36. John commented:

    I am really keen to attend any melbourne food events
    let me know about the next one :)

    john (at)

  37. Photomonkey commented:

    I am also keen to know when the next one is on.

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    […] months is like 2 months right? So we probably missed an edition of mEatDrinkBlog, but in the spirit of better late than never, the next one is on the northside on July 14. Things […]