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Peregrine Winery

Wine is one of these strange things that a lot of young people drink and love but they don’t become passionate about it until they get older. Peregrine winery, however isn’t the sort of place that is stuck in the same old stereotypes of old people, old buildings and old traditions. It’s hard to expect anything of the sort as you drive down the driveway, the massive white roof of the winery catches your eye, sticking out in a strange harmony with the landscape.

It’s quite difficult to actually see what you are looking at until you get closer, the judges of some bigwig architecture prize described it as “an elegant blade of light” and that “the age-old process of making wine has been radically reinterpreted for our time”. Not really sure how a building reinterprets the wine making process, but each to their own. I think the beauty of the building is it’s multiple purposes – not only does it reduce the cooling costs of the winery, but it acts as a concert stage.

Concert stage you may ask? It turns out that Central Otago summer is perfect for producing wine as the number of awards Peregrine has won attests to. The summer is also perfect for sitting on the lawn, enjoying some good wine, taking in the scenery and listening to awesome bands, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Jose Gonzalez in recent times. Needless to say, the wine flows freely and the weather is great.

Peregrine Winery is a must stop on your way through the Gibbston Valley, preferably in summer when a band is playing but if it’s winter and the mountains are snow capped the wine will still taste great.


There’s so much to say about Melbourne, probably due to the fact that food and drink is not so much the order of the day, but the way of life. On every corner there is some sort of coffee shop or kebab (souvlaki) store, down every alley or lane-way there is another bar (or three), there are 15 different streets dedicated to restaurants and cake-shops and none of this is to mention the amazing deli’s, butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers at the markets. I think the patron sin of Melbourne is gluttony.

These are all the things you read about in the lifestyle magazines, but what you really want to know is if Melbourne is the place to get on the turps or if the restaurants on Lygon St really are all they are cracked up to be.

While I only spent a week in Melbourne, I can’t answer all the questions, but over the next couple of posts, I’ll give it a go.