Beer Cocktail Competition

What is it?

A competition to find the best beer cocktail the Internet can muster.


I love beer and I love cocktails and there aren’t enough beer cocktails created or served. I want to change that.

How do I enter?

Simple, first of all concoct an original beer cocktail. For the sake of being an international competition it should be based on a fairly standard beer, lager or ale, or any truly international beers (Guinness, Corona, Stella). This is so that it can be replicated anywhere as a lot of beer isn’t available worldwide.

Second, either post a video on YouTube (don’t worry too much about the quality) or post on your blog with instructions on how to make it, (and preferably a photo) and put a comment on this page linking to it.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me at

How do I win?

I and a colleague of mine will be making, tasting and judging the cocktails, while we do have a reasonably diverse collection of alcohols to select from we may have to make substitutions, recommendations for these will be welcome.

We will be judging on a few criteria, taste, alcoholicness (we want to be able to get drunk on them), presentation and uniqueness.

What do I win?

Currently the prize slated is 2 six packs of my favourite Australian beers delivered to you, however if there is enough interest I will certainly increase the prize. I have also contacted a few companies to add to the prize pool (check back here.)

When does the competition finish?

The competition will finish on Sunday the 3rd of November.