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The Batanga – Tequila, Salt, Coke and Lime

For this month’s Mixology Monday the theme is “Spice,” in the announcement Craig’s definition of spice piqued my interest, “Salt? Go for it.” This challenge coupled with one of my Mexican friend’s favourite drink swhich he described to me as, Tequila, salt and Coke. I got cracking, doing a quick search on Google gave it a name, the Batanga. It all fell into place when the bottle of Mezcal Tequila that I bought had a little sachet of spices and sea salt. According to another brief search apparently this spicey concoction is traditionally imbibed alongside Mezcal. The resulting drink, lime juice, tequila, spicey sea salt and coke, garnished with a lime wedge is very tasty, certainly interesting and quite unique.

Photo of Batanga with Lime Garnish

Roundup of Tequila

The other day, I saw a great roundup about tequila. Recently (over the last 6-12 months) I have been getting into a bit of better tequila. Mainly stuff from the Cuervo range, 1800 is particularly good for the price and the “Reserva De L’Familia” is expensive ($25 a hit in a bar) but very tasty.

My thinking about good tequila goes, that if you can shoot it without lemon and salt, it’s actually worth drinking.

Something that wasn’t mentioned in the article were tequila liqueurs “Patron” and “Agavero” are 2 that I have tried and really enjoyed. Patron is a coffee flavoured liqueur while Agavero is a tequila blend. Both are very nice chilled to sip.

While checking up about this info I found this great reference site on all things tequila,