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Theme Party Ideas

Currently we are planning a housewarming for our new house here in Middle Park, Melbourne and we have been running through a plethora of ideas for a theme party. Here is a list of a few of our ideas.

  1. Letter party (come dressed as something beginning with)
  2. Mexican party
  3. 60s party
  4. 70s party
  5. 80s party
  6. 90s party
  7. Party from the future
  8. Pimps and Hoes party
  9. Prohibition party
  10. Cocktail party
  11. Colour party
  12. Trucker party
  13. Come as what reminds you of …
  14. Politically incorrect party
  15. Super heroes party
  16. Toga party
  17. Halloween party
  18. Bad taste party
  19. Shit shirt party
  20. Furniture party (everyone brings a piece of furniture)
  21. Glass party (everyone brings a new glass for the house)
  22. Shocking frock party
  23. Masquerade party
  24. Fancy dress party
  25. Burlesque party
  26. Carribean party

DrinkPlanner’s guide to getting hammered

While we here at My Aching Head are generally more interested in the finer points of boozing it up – good food and booze I do have a sweet spot for less subtle tactics. Some of those tactics here are perfectly summed up by the DrinkPlanner in his guide to getting hammered, in fact I’d go so far as saying some of it is pure genius. The idea that a drinking game is there to supplement your steady drinking are truly the words of someone who has done the hard yards. In any case, you could go worse than following these directions to getting well and truly boozed.