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Andrew’s Hamburgers, Albert Park

Andrew's Hamburgers All this talk of burgers got me thinking that I hadn’t actually eaten at Andrew’s Hamburgers in Albert Park. and if McDonald’s has done one thing right this week it is getting me to head down the road and give it a go. One thing is for certain, I’ll be back probably tomorrow, and the next day.

If you go expecting “gourmet” then you will be sorely mistaken. These burgers are greasy, meaty and hold absolutely no surprises, but that’s the beauty of them. It is the fish and chip shop’s burger of your childhood, the sort of burger that you can make so easily yourself, but you don’t. You can go and grab one down the road.

You won’t find panini, aioli, pesto, swiss, brie or relish. It’s a simple recipe, a lightly seasoned hamburger patty; a slice of cheese; a fresh, toasted bun; tomato; some onion; and a splash of barbecue sauce. Add some bacon, an egg, or “the works” and what you have is a perfect greasy burger that isn’t good for anything but the soul. Wrap that up in a piece of wax paper, serve it with some salty chips and put a $9 price tag on it and it’s the perfect hangover cure. The recipe hasn’t changed in 50 years and I wouldn’t expect it to change for another 50.

This is the sort of place that Grilld and McDonalds will never be. There is no fancy ingredients or marketing gimicks. Who knows where the mince was sourced and it certainly isn’t “lean beef,” but who cares? People will keep coming back for these simple, genuine burgers that they can trust.

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