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I was honoured to have half an hour of everyone’s time at Australian Food Blogger’s conference on Saturday. My talk was about search engine optimisation and due to a technical glitch the slides weren’t able to be shown at the time. I’m attaching them below. I’ve actually added a slide that I wasn’t going to show on the weekend that I think helps to clarify the discussion of link networks. Bonus!

As I mentioned SEO is one of those things that is easy and hard at the same time. My advice is to focus on the basics that you can control and not worry too much about stuff you can’t control.

I didn’t mention on the day, but it was in the final slide. I’d love it if you are linking to this presentation if you could link to my other website (my winery directory)

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176 Responses to “SEO Presentation Slides”

  1. brucini (@brucini) commented:

    cool. really wish you could work your wizardry and overlay audio of your talk to the slides

  2. Jan Littlehales commented:

    Great to meet you at the Eat Drink Blog Conference on Saturday. Thanks for the tips on SEO :)

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  4. Detective Chow commented:

    This is brilliant. So many things to think about when writing a blog!

  5. Julie commented:

    Great presentation on SEO. It’s not easy to explain it but major props to you!

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