Chin Chin takes a liberty too far

I love Chin Chin. I’m friends with Jess and Ben and love the food and pretty much everything about the place (especially the cutlery). In fact, I’ve probably been there more in the last 3 months than anywhere else, including my favourite hamburger shop.

But today, they’ve taken a big step backwards – they spammed me on my mobile phone. I received the SMS message “Gogo is a-gogo, Chin Chin’s new underground cocktail bar is now open daily….”. I presume the only way they would have my number is because I’ve left it on file for them to call me back when my table is ready. Sounds like they’ve sent this message out to everyone who has done the same. Not cool.

What I find so interesting though is that they would even consider that they needed to do it. The Twitter and Facebook campain that they used prior to launch of the restaurant worked a treat, at time of posting they have 1581 followers on Twitter. The Twitter account regularly talks about all things Chin Chin related and no one would really care about a week or so worth of Tweets about the new bar.

My bet is that whoever sent that Tweet didn’t consult people like Jess or Ed and they are now regretting it.

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19 Responses to “Chin Chin takes a liberty too far”

  1. Fergs commented:


    I’ve been there and left my card and got the same txt today so clearly I could have been be interested that they’d opened a bar downstairs.

    Yes, probably would have found out about it anyway but, personally, I found it useful information. Not such a big deal in my opinion. DF

  2. Shelli Whitehurst commented:

    I am a +1 on this one with you . There is many reasons that I can state for this being so wrong, but the most important one, invasion of my privacy, had no idea who it was from, the text was not even names, and there was no permission.

    I trust you with my mobile number to be alerted for a table, if you want to market to me, just ask me, do you want to get sms messages about cool stuff coming up. I would say yes, but to spam me. #nothappyjan.

    How quickly the mighty have fallen.

  3. Steve commented:

    Michael I feel like I’m gonna sound like a contraian! I never got a text at all! I’m sat here by the fire doing one sudexo after another and nada! I feel jipped! Youse are very lucky in the big smoke!

  4. Lau@Corridor Kitchen commented:

    I’m with you on this, not just because it feels kinda icky getting unsolicited texts, but it’s also poor bussiness practice. If you didn’t sign up for it, it’s far less likely to be effective. They could’ve just asked you next time you dropped by ‘Hey, is it cool if we text you with upcoming promotions?’