Campos Coffee to open in Melbourne

Campos CoffeeCampos Coffee, one of Sydney’s brightest coffee stars is opening a cafe and roastery in Carlton. Opening on the 20th of November, the address is 144 Elgin St. As you would expect, the bar will be decked out with all the usual suspects – a slayer, pour over and syphon.

As a company they appear to be very active at origin, and have been pretty active in the recent Cup of Excellence auctions. The Sydney store has just opened a purpose built cupping room, and there’s certainly a focus there on consumer education. They’ve got an interesting blog that’s well worth a read.

For mine, it will be fascinating to see how a Sydney cafe fares here in Melbourne. My guess is that, our appetite for high quality coffee can certainly accommodate another good coffee shop. It hasn’t been a problem for the 12+ recent openings and I doubt another one will be a problem.

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60 Responses to “Campos Coffee to open in Melbourne”

  1. Amelia commented:

    thank god

  2. Bernard Law commented:

    The more the merrier. Thanks Campos for mixing it up around here! Love the Slayer.

  3. Christian commented:

    Don’t forget the Brisbane shop. Entry via an alley off Wandoo St behind the James St market, who blocked the original entry from their carpark in (justified) fear of the competition they’d bring. It’s where we buy our beans, and consistently serves one of the best espressos in town.

  4. margaret simpson commented:

    Campos best coffee tasted in a long long time

  5. margaret simpson commented:

    when are you opening more shops Carlton abit too far for us need some in the Dandenongs

  6. Kevin Frazer commented:

    Visited from Sydney on advice from a friend. So glad I did. Coffee superb, the best I’ve tasted. Happy friendly atmosphere and service too.