Salford Lad’s Club, Port Melbourne

Salford Lad's ClubFor a place that was featured in The Age on Tuesday, it’s remarkably hard to find the location of the Salford Lad’s Club. There’s no website and a quick Google reveals very little. It’s on the corner of Fennell and Bridge St, Port Melbourne – a little bit of an oddball place between the freeway and Bunnings. That doesn’t stop it being a great little lunch location, and as was mentioned in the Epicure will probably be a popular stop for the weekend bike warrior crowd.

The fitout is great, it pays homage to the fact that the building was (and I suspect still is) a car workshop. On one wall there’s an assortment of bicycle odds and ends, a car hubcap and assorted other mechanical style bits and pieces. On the other, are some skateboard decks and some interesting but slightly out of place artworks. The requisite communal tables are lovely pieces, not over-the-top expensive and big enough that your copy of The Age isn’t in someone else’s dinner.

Apparently the lunch menu changes each day, but today was hearty stews – comfort food. We had a beef, mushroom and wine braise with a smashed potato salad and a tagined lamb stew with cous-cous. They were both $13.50 and perfect sized portions. If I had one complaint, it was that the potatoes weren’t well enough suited to clean the sauce from my bowl.

Finally the coffee – made from Coffee Supreme beans, our milk coffees were strong, very strong (this isn’t a problem, just a preference) and mine had a hint of unwanted bitterness, and a few stray sedimentary coffee grounds. Similarly, my espresso had the same bitterness and grounds. Neither was unpleasant, but there’s some definite room for improvement.

At $33 for a lunch for 2, not too far from home. I’m going to be going back; probably on my bike; I recommend you do too.

Salford Lads Club Sign Salford Lads Club Salford Lads Club The Coffee Machine @ Salford LAds Club IMG_1356.jpg Register and Dummy @ Salford Lads Club IMG_1354.jpg Art @ Salford Lads Club Lamb Tagine @ Salford Lads Club Lamb Tagine @ Salford Lads Club Braised Beef @ Salford Lads Club Through to the kitchen @ Salford Lads Club Through to the back room @ Salford LAds Club Back Room @ Salford Lads Club

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81 Responses to “Salford Lad’s Club, Port Melbourne”

  1. Lisa commented:

    Comfort food for a reasonable price and close to home? Sounds perfect to me!

  2. Tom commented:

    It’s a motomag.. And old school wheel for BMX, not a hub cap. Cheers

  3. Kate Kendall commented:

    Going to check this place out tomorrow. You’re ranked number one in Google for it!