Ceramics at Padre Coffee

There is this concept in Japanese cooking that a piece of food on a plain plate is naked – an insult to the food. This is why sushi is always served on beautiful ceramics. It’s an oft forgotten idea – that the plate is as much a part of the meal as the food. We eat with our eyes so why not focus more on the crockery.

Padre Coffee in the South Melbourne Market (and I assume the East Brunswick store) haven’t forgotten. They are serving their coffees on the most beautiful hand-made ceramics. They are made by Karen Ho; a regular at the East Brunswick store; at the Carlton Arts Center. For such a simple thing, they add an amazing warmth to the coffee – something that no machine or bean can reproduce.Ceramic Coffee CupCeramic Coffee SaucerCeramic Coffee Mug

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3 Responses to “Ceramics at Padre Coffee”

  1. Lisa commented:

    Wow I never knew that – but having been to Japan it makes so much sense now!

  2. Tresna commented:

    Karen’s ceramics are beautiful and make a coffee at Padre (or cup of tea at Monk Bodhi Dharma) an all round sensory experience. Thanks for highlighting her lovely work – it’s nice to know other people appreciate this kind of art form.

  3. ChenYV commented:


    Have just been wondering (for a very long time) if KH’s ceramics are available for individual sale? Maybe Ill just buy off Padre. :P