Terroir.me – relaunched

Posting has been slow for the last few weeks, a combination of living it large over here in Queenstown and a huge amount of work on my pet project Terroir.me. If you haven’t been following along, Terroir.me is my dream that learning about wineries and wine regions shouldn’t just be about buying the latest James Halliday Wine Companion.

It is an interactive winery map with some cool travel planning functionality. It is a blog aggregator searching out blogposts from Australian wine and food bloggers and attaching them to the relevant wineries. It is a wiki – editable by anyone.

Call for help

I’ve spent a heap of time on creating something that I believe could be really useful and now I’d like to throw out a call for help. I’d like to ask anyone that has a blog or is on Twitter to help me spread the word. Anything would be really appreciated to help me get it off the ground – a quick blogpost; a Tweet; or if your Facebook friends might be interested, share a link.

I’d also love your help with contributions, feel free to edit the page about your favourite winery or region. Add a tag or edit the list of wine that a winery produces.

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