On Being a Regular

Motogrill There is nothing better than being a regular at your favourite bar or coffee shop. It’s like the Cheers song, you keep going back because everyone knows your name and they are glad you came. It’s as though even the coffee tastes better when it’s served by a barista that knows your order or a barman that knows you like heaps of ice in your drink.

It’s probably been about 18 months since last I had a coffee at Motogrill. I wouldn’t have ever considered myself a regular there but after a few minutes of sitting at the counter one of the owners turns around and asks, “You guys haven’t been in here for a while, have you?” She even remembered the running joke I had with one of the baristas about how they needed to serve beer. Turns out, now they do.

Not much else has changed, the menu is still about 8 different dishes, written on a blackboard above the stove. The cafe itself is bigger, but the furniture is still the same and I think I spotted a NZ Snowboarder magazine that I read 2 years ago sitting on the same table.

It is so easy to get caught up in the launch of a new cafe, the latest coffee brewing method or a new menu at a cool cafe. But it is little things like the barista knowing your order and the waitress knowing your name that actually mean something.

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3 Responses to “On Being a Regular”

  1. Ned Dwyer commented:

    I didn’t think I was the kind of guy to be a regular but I’ve become good friends with everyone who works at the Lincoln HOtel across the road from my house.

    We’ve just been given notice that we’ve got 60 days to move out, I’ll miss the Lincoln but looking forward to finding a new local. And no doubt I’ll stay in touch with the Lincoln as well.

  2. Celeste @ Berrytravels commented:

    There was one japanese restaurant that I used to be a regular of. Well, I didn’t think I was that much of a regular, but apparently they thought so.

    Enough to remember that I always finish their (always very limited) supply of oysters everytime I went.

    So everytime I go in without fail, a new waitress would always be sent to my table with a really confused look on her face and inform me that the chef would like to know ‘how many oysters today?’

  3. David Lilley commented:

    There is places where you would horrified to be a regular…

    My friend was horrified one day to have received a birthday card from the local dirty kebab shop.