Miss Jackson, St Kilda

Miss JacksonEvery time I’m on my way to Miss Jackson all I can think about is that song, “I’m sorry Miss Jackson, I am for real” it’s really annoying because I should be thinking how Miss Jackson is going to help me from my hangover, you know, for real. After watching the film clip, now I’m going to expect someone to be washing their pimped out car out the front and dogs nodding their heads at me as I walk up Gray St. All of this and no hallucinogens.

Wedged down an alley between halfway houses, backpacker travel agents and a few seedy nightclubs, Miss Jackson is a shining beacon of class in an otherwise classless (apologies to the Melbourne Wine Room, none such to the ever-so-trashy George lane-way bar) area. The café itself is a converted house that reminds me more of a rabbit warren than a café, the smaller nooks don’t quite fit the tables that they contain. It’s nowhere near as cramped as Wall 280 in Balaclava and there it adds “character”. Nonetheless the place has character and the larger communal tables are comfortable and spacious. There’s also an outdoor area, which thankfully parents seem to utilise to entertain their wild children.

TMiss Jackson: Corn Fritters, Bacon and Tomatoshe menu is everything you would expect without being outstanding. Corn fritters, steak sandwiches, and eggs every which way. But what the menu lacks in excitement it makes up with in the execution. While you might cook everything on the menu at home, it simply won’t be as good.

The portions are great, the food looks amazing and best of all it tastes spot on. In fact, of all the cafés around, Miss Jackson is my favourite for a comforting, hangover curing breakfast – morning or afternoon. Perhaps this is cause of a subtle focus on booze. There is beer and wine on the menu and a few bottles of spirits peeking out from behind the bar – important for my personal favourite menu item.

Bloody Mary, Miss JacksonThe “superstar DJ” bloody mary is everything you could want in this breakfast cocktail – good spice and acidity and a healthy sprig of celery. A bloody mary is tricky to get right at the best of times and they come out with amazing consistency.

The guys that run this place (Steve and Matt) are clearly drinkers – it shows – they know what’s good for you.

More photos on Flickr.

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9 Responses to “Miss Jackson, St Kilda”

  1. lizzy c commented:

    Are the photos with the new camera? Looks great! Keen to check it out when over that way.

  2. Michael commented:

    Nah, they are with the old camera. I took them ages ago, good lighting makes everything easier as well.

  3. Lesley commented:

    Now I have ‘sorry Miss Jackson’ in my head….

  4. penny aka jeroxie commented:

    hmmm… sounds like a plan. Now Im not afraid to head out on Friday night. I can always hit Miss Jackson before farmers shopping trip.

  5. Lisa commented:

    haha I agree with Lesley – I too have that song in my head now…..thanks ;)

  6. Emily commented:

    ha! I always get that song in my head too. A friend of mine years ago mishead that song and thought the line was ‘a strong British accent, I am for real’. Now when I read about Miss Jackson, I have that version in my head. Random.

    Love your pics.

  7. Christine commented:

    I lived on Jackson St, or the ghetto as I like to call it, for 2 years and I walked past this place about a million and one times, and yet I never knew what it was! Wasted opportunities it seems!

  8. The REAL Melbourne top 30 (or perhaps 15) cafes. commented:

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  9. södertälje commented:


    Miss Jackson, St Kilda…