Freestyle Espresso opening in South Melbourne

Freestyle Espresso, South Melbourne It seems a new cafe, “Freestyle Espresso” is opening on Union St in South Melbourne. It is in the old Peter Watson shop and with a new sign and a few fliers in the window describing “Food, glorious food, coffee… Yeh… Really good coffee, gourmet pastries + delights takeaway deliciousness, sweet things + surrrrrprises to come”

Looks good, I’m excited to see somewhere new opening in what is already a crowded space. It will also be interesting to see who supplies the coffee. Most of the 3rd Wave roasters are represented in a 2 block radius of this place. I’m betting on Coffee Supreme.

Freestyle Espresso Coming Soon

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9 Responses to “Freestyle Espresso opening in South Melbourne”

  1. penny aka jeroxie commented:

    OMG…. too close to me. I shall definitely check it out

  2. Jo - secondhelping commented:

    Not long until the roaster is revealed! I can tell you that you would have lost your money…

  3. Carolyn commented:

    Hello there ‘My Aching head’! I do remember seeing two peops doing the snap and dash a couple of months ago at my signage!

    Thanks so much for mentioning FREESTYLE…you’ll be pleased to know it is now open and to help settle your bets…the coffee is ALL Press Espresso and it’s making some beautiful cups.

    Love for you to come and try for yourself….


  4. (live, love) eat, drink, stagger » third wave to the power of two commented:

    […] my computer to ‘research’ the venue, and seeing that its presence had already caused a disturbance in the ‘force’ (in food blogger wankster circles), I took a mental note to check back in when it had opened. […]

  5. Saida Anderson commented:

    Had a great cup of coffee at Freestyle the other morning!!.. not to mention the homemade lemon tarts that I had to have even though it was breakfast time.. purchased a great marinade as well for a last minute pressie.. a great start to the day :)