Hidden Pizza Restaurant, Fitzroy

They want you to check out the Yellow Pages to find out where the Hidden Pizza Restaurant is, but personally I’d just go over and get the scoop from Brian at Fitzroyalty. A quick picture and a Mellie putting 2 and 2 together and we have the answer. This is a lesson to us all, if there is something interesting happening over in Fitzroy, Brian will know.

Update: You need to call 1300 615 786 and you’ll get an order number. They won’t serve you without it. A few photos are emerging, check them out here and here.

Another update: Berry travels has a blogpost about the whole experience. I can’t help but think we are going to hear more about this place.

Final update: This restaurant was only open for 2 weeks and is now closed.

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86 Responses to “Hidden Pizza Restaurant, Fitzroy”

  1. Hidden Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia commented:

    […] A Hidden Pizza Restaurant in Fitzroy is opening next week. How underground it actually is remains to be […]

  2. mellie commented:

    Well, all I wanna know is if I get a free pizza?!?!

  3. Simon Food Favourites commented:

    can you please add a google map or address so i can find this place when i visit melbourne as i’m from Sydney and not too familiar with the location :-)

  4. HT commented:

    Out of the blue question – but anyone know if they will be doing gluten-free pizza??

    Can’t wait to check it out! YUMMO!

  5. Fab Hamka commented:

    The Master is back!
    Mr Tony Fazio

  6. Ross Hill commented:

    Anthill Magazine have a really interesting writeup on this (http://anthillonline.com/hidden-pizza-restaurant-reveals-not-so-hidden-flaws-in-yellow-pages-digital-strategy/). I wonder who will be the first Melbourne venue to capitalise on the foursquare swarm? At SXSWi there was a swarm at every venue in the city – here I think we’re still building up to that volume.

  7. Bruce Bromley commented:

    What is Yellow Pages?