Padre Coffee opens at the South Melbourne Market

Padre CoffeeIf it was possible, coffee in South Melbourne has just taken a step forward. East Brunswick’s Padre Coffee has opened a small store in the middle of the South Melbourne market. The fitout is spartan, polished concrete floor, a recycled timber counter and small Ikea-style stools around low tables are scattered around the store and into the market walkway. This cluttered, almost-messy feel meshes well with the hussle and bussel vibe of the market.

The tiny shop doesn’t leave you in doubt as to what the focus is. 5 Mazzer grinders, 2 Synesso’s (1 manual, 1 automatic) and a wall full of beans and coffee equipment for sale leave little room for any confusion. There is no pretense or wankery, just a shop serious about coffee.

Long Black, Padre CoffeeThe long black I had in the first week of opening was very dark and over-bitter, the follow-up latte was rich and creamy. Today’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe latte was uncharacteristically dirty and had a lot of head but was very enjoyable. I suspect that some of the staff may be new and aren’t necessarily up to speed. It is early days and if reports of the Brunswick East Project are anything to go by the coffee will be consistently amazing very soon.

Synessos at Padre Coffee Retail wall at Padre Coffee Padre Coffee, South Melbourne Outside eating at Padre Coffee Outside tables at Padre Coffee IMGP6353 Long Black, Padre Coffee

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70 Responses to “Padre Coffee opens at the South Melbourne Market”

  1. penny aka jeroxie commented:

    Cool! Another good coffee place to go to besides St. Ali and Dead Man.
    I just wish there was better food around too.

  2. Agnes commented:

    Oh cool, I’m at South Melbourne market a lot, so good to know there’s a new place for a caffeine fix! Just trying to figure out from your photos where it is exactly – is it at the bottom of the deli section?

  3. Michael commented:

    Agnes, it’s on the light rail tram stop side, just at the entrance to the food court, and near the greek butcher and chocolate shop. I suppose you’d call it the top of the deli section.

    What sort of better food are you looking for Penny? For breakfast you can try Cafe Bastille that’s on Clarendon. Other than Dead Man and St Ali otherwise we normally go a bit farther affield. Miss Jackson and Outpost aren’t too far to go. (I absolutely love the menu at Outpost)

  4. james Mckoy commented:

    I drink a lot of coffee and believe I have developed a pretty good palate for discerning between good and great coffee.
    I discovered Padres a month or so ago and it is what is bringing me to the market every sunday where it was a once a month or every second month at best. The coffee is the best I have had in Melbourne, on par with or even better than St Ali. Even better than a place in brisbane(near new farm/west end, name alludes me) which is the best I have had in Australia.

  5. Michael commented:

    Thanks for the comment James. I think it’s hard to say it’s “better” than other places, especially St Ali. The regular Padre blend is a very dark blend and not really to my liking, but they always have single origins in the grinders and the staff are friendly and happy to give some good advice.

    I think those of us that live south of the river are spoilt for coffee.

  6. Tom commented:

    Bought some single origin beans at Padre today. Quite reasonably priced and the resulting coffee is excellent!

    I didn’t sit down for a cup but judging from the finished products I saw, I’m sure I’ll have one next time!

  7. Kate commented:

    Just been doing my rounds in country vic…the life of the sales rep! Anyway had the best coffee in Beechworth at a little cheese shop called Larder. And low and behold…they have St Ali coffee. Looks like the groove train is on the move and has made it to Beechworth.

  8. A Year of Coffee in Melbourne commented:

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  9. Ceramics at Padre Coffee commented:

    […] Padre Coffee in the South Melbourne Market (and I assume the East Brunswick store) haven’t forgotten. They are serving their coffees on the most beautiful hand-made ceramics. They are made by Karen Ho; a regular at the East Brunswick store; at the Carlton Arts Center. For such a simple thing, they add an amazing warmth to the coffee – something that no machine or bean can reproduce. […]