Melbourne Blogger and Tweeter Drinks – 12th September – Sister Bella

That’s right, it is on again. If you blog or tweet about anything in and around Melbourne then you are invited to come and join us for a quiet drink or 3 at Sister Bella on the 12th September. It doesn’t matter if you write about food, wine, op shopping, fashion, art, craft, design, jewellery, your suburb, startups, business or anything else, everyone is welcome.

The proceedings will get started at 4pm and continue on until everyone leaves or we decide to move the proceedings somewhere else (can anyone say Shanghai Dumpling?) If last time is anything to go by it will definitely just be casual chats with the opportunity to meet some interesting people that you might know or like to say hi to.

If you think you are going to come, please leave a comment so that we have an idea of numbers and can forewarn the bar.


Venue: Sister Bella
Address: Snider Lane (off Drewery Lane)
Time: 4pm
Date: 12th September

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26 Responses to “Melbourne Blogger and Tweeter Drinks – 12th September – Sister Bella”

  1. Sophie commented:

    You keep setting these for the weekend before I’m due to be in town!! :)

    Further proof, I suppose, that I should just move back to Melbourne.

  2. Ned Dwyer commented:

    Awesome, definitely in.

    Thanks for organising again Michael!


  3. another outspoken female commented:

    Sorry will be somewhere warm and steamy that night, sadly not sister bella.

  4. Luke commented:

    Sounds grand, I’ll be down

  5. Bec commented:

    ooohhh I may just pop along.

  6. Raph commented:

    Just stumbled on this via Twitter, via @meetmeatmikes
    Sounds like a great idea, will certainly drop by to meet some fellow Melbourne Bloggers/Tweeter.

  7. Ben Zen commented:

    See you there, be good to catch up with everyone again :)

  8. Nev commented:

    Sounds like a charming idea.

  9. Zoe commented:

    Count me in, sounds good..

  10. kate commented:

    yes yes!! i will be there with bells on! was lots of fun last time, can’t wait! :)

  11. Steve Sammartino commented:

    An excuse to leave my desk early at 4pm… great idea.

  12. fitzroyalty commented:

    I’ll be there!

  13. Sam commented:

    i rekshon i will cum too. kudos for orgynising.

  14. Mark Holsworth commented:

    I will be there again. Thanks for organizing it.

  15. Hels commented:

    I do the Family Thing on saturdays and cannot get into town until after 7 PM. If someone would call me on 9527.2333 at 7 PM and tell me where the action has moved to, I would be delighted to be there.

    If you would add my name to the Blogroll, I can keep up to date :)
    Art and Architecture, mainly

  16. Karen commented:

    I’d love to join you – thank you for the special link too!

  17. vetti commented:

    hi folks! would love to come! organising this = a brilliant idea X

  18. penny aka jeroxie commented:

    Great! I should be there after work. Hope everyone is still standing! And nice to meet everyone.

  19. ilikeyouworld commented:

    Sounds great. I’m in! I’ve never gone to a meet-up and would love to meet other Melbourne bloggers. cheers for organising.

  20. Duncan commented:

    Will definitely come by for a few drinks….


  21. Michael commented:

    I dunno about you guys, but I’m getting quite excited about this. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  22. Greg commented:

    Just saw this post, bit late, but should be able to come along.

  23. Essjayeff commented:

    Darn! Would love to be there but am stuck in San Sebastian. Will try to follow via tweets!

  24. Jimmy Coleman commented:

    Count me in, I maybe a little late though!

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