1st Birthday Dinner

Friday was the 1st birthday of My Aching Head and as such we celebrated with what this blog is all about. Good food, drinks and wine.

1st Course

Oysters kilpatrick. A dozen coffin bay oysters, bacon and worcestshire sauce. Served with gin and tonics with fresh lime.

Oysters Kilpatrick

2nd Course

Mushroom and lemon risotto with pan-fried atlantic salmon and lemon and parsley butter. Served with Sevenhill Riesling from the Clare Valley.

Mushroom Risotto and Panfried Salmon

3rd Course

Poached quince and pears with vanilla ice cream. (Unfortunately no photos)

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3 Responses to “1st Birthday Dinner”

  1. Amanda commented:

    This looks amazing.

    And Happy Birthday My Aching Head!