Bob’s Weigh Cafe, Queenstown, New Zealand

Bob's Weigh, Queenstown It doesn’t take many things to make a good cafe, what’s needed is to do the simple things well. Good coffee, good food, friendly staff, a cozy shop and good location. Bob’s Weigh ticks all of these boxes but you might only remember one of them if you happen to have an encounter with Bob himself. He’s the guy working in the kitchen that greets pretty much everyone that walks into the shop with a friendly g’day, maybe introducing himself and huge smile. He’s a man that loves his job.

While Bob is friendly, you might think he’s too friendly. He’s nothing until you meet his mother. Mad Mary (she makes the jam for the toast) has a very curious presence, pink or purple hair, a strange dress sense and a wicked sense of humour, she runs all over the cafe laughing and having a good time. It’s this sense of humour that probably forced her to decorate the cafe with scales, there is weighing devices of every shape and form on the shelves and walls and Bob himself doesn’t quite know why.

The bizarre decor and the quirky staff give the cafe a very homely feel that doesn’t stop when you order breakfast. Nothing on the menu could be described as gourmet, which just adds to the allure of the place. Toast, muesli, bacon and eggs and omelettes is the faire all topped off with beautiful homemade jam and chutney. There is nothing out of the ordinary about the drinks menu, except the Chai latte. It’s not the mellow cinnamon drink you expect, it’s extra spicy and very tasty but, not for the faint of heart. The prices on are reasonable and if you bring in your own cup for a takeaway coffee, they’ll knock 50c off the price – just how it should be.

Everything about this cafe is like home, you could cook everything on the menu at home, but you wouldn’t do as good a job. You could make the jam, but it wouldn’t be as nice, same goes for the coffee and besides you would have to do the dishes. Talk to Bob, he’ll be happy to do them for you.

Bob's Weigh, Queenstown More scales at Bob's Weigh Scales @ Bob's Weigh Bob and Mary @ Bob's Weigh Eggs Benedict

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18 Responses to “Bob’s Weigh Cafe, Queenstown, New Zealand”

  1. Cafes: Breakfast brings the Cure commented:

    […] Bob’s Weigh, Queenstown […]

  2. emily robinson commented:

    Hey there I have a few things to say first the coffee and breakfast I had was off the hook so tasty! I will be back and defnitly tell my mates where they can go to get great food and service.

    Also I brought in my resume the other day and was really hoping to hear from you in responce to that. I m very enthusiastic about good service and food. I would be proud to work for bob’s weigh. Im efficient and hard working. I will be here in Queenstown until December. I really look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks very much for your consideration!
    Emily Robinson

  3. Danniela commented:

    I worked there almost 7 months during 2009 and was just an incredible experience.
    Other things happened to me, and I had to leave NZ.
    Anyway, I´d really recomend this place if u wanna have the best coffe.
    Its incredible and organic! Believe, Since I came back home I couldnt find a coffe as good as bobs weigh.

  4. Tricia commented:

    Just returned to Oz from Queenstown and am missing Bob’s Weigh. Had breakfast there twice on the weekend. Great food – awesome tomatoes! Excellent coffee and exeptional staff and I didn’t know that it was Bob himself in the kitchen, but he was very friendly to me. I had a broken leg from last Wednesday (thank you sodden Milford Track) and staff were very helpful and supportive. Can’t wait to return to Queenstown later this year – I’ll be finishing the Milford Track in one piece this time and also to head back to Bob’s Weigh. Cheers,

  5. Danniela commented:

    Best place in NZ!

  6. Day 8: Another Sunset « I'm No Superman commented:

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