A Queenstown Coffee Institution: Motogrill

SL370425Motogrill is one of those places where the first time you walk in there, you don’t actually feel like you belong. The staff probably won’t look up from the newspaper they are reading, or break from the conversation they are having with the 3 guys leaning on the counter. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t being unfriendly or rude, work may not actually be why they are there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’d be the same if I were them. There isn’t a problem with getting a coffee though, you will get it and it will be good. It just won’t be the all smiles and how can I help that you will get at Starbucks, and don’t get me started on Starbucks.

Which leads me to the next point, the food. The Motogrill steak sandwich may be one of the best lunches in Queenstown, it is definitely not overdone. Served on toasted bread, seasoned with parsley (It might not actually be parsley) and complete with partly melted cheese,tomato and lettuce it is everything you could hope for in a sneak sandwich, and let me tell you, I’ve hoped for a lot of things in a steak sandwich. The pasta salad is another favourite of mine – beans, spiral pasta, chicken, tomatoey sauce and some shaved parmesan. One of the things about everything at Motogrill is the size. They definitely aren’t skimping on the portions, which on a hangover is exactly what you want.

All of this is great, but there is one glaring problem for Motogrill to be the ultimate cafe for a hangover cure, this is of course the fact that Motogrill is closed on Sundays. Now I know that the staff are snowboarding on Sunday’s or recovering from their hangover and who am I to blame them? But seriously guys, you get us addicted with your awesome steak sandwiches and then refuse to open and serve us scrambled eggs and cappuccinos for breakfast on a Sunday.

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17 Responses to “A Queenstown Coffee Institution: Motogrill”

  1. Cafes: Breakfast brings the Cure » My Aching Head commented:

    […] Motogrill, Queenstown […]

  2. someone commented:

    you review sends mixed messages, first you dont like Motogrill then you are addicted…as for your comments, obviously you were a brief visitor otherwise you may know that none of the staff snowboard at all, let alone go out. the sisters who own the place work 60+ hours a week with no room for hangovers, the barista has a 2yr old child and social phobia-enough said and as for the 20year old dishy if he has the odd sat night out who are you to judge. the coffee, service and food is brilliant, at least every time i go there, maybe the old saying is true ‘you can always judge a man by the way he treats his waitress’ perhaps you were rude…you review was not all bad i just ask be a little more careful before your opinion is in type!

  3. admin commented:

    Hello “someone” thanks for your comments. Let me be clear, I certainly love Motogrill, in fact I’d say it’s probably the best cafe in Queenstown and I go in there quite regularly. I’m not going to make comment on what people do or don’t do, but the fact of the matter is I wish Motogrill was open on Sundays. I will also stand by by statements that if you walk in there without a familiar face it isn’t an over the top “Hello! How are you!” you may very well need to wait a minute before someone serves you and I assure you, I most certainly wasn’t rude, I work in the hospitality industry and definitely treat people how I want to be treated.

    I don’t think I was very clear, I don’t have a problem with the staff of any workplace enjoying their work time, especially for hospitality staff who really don’t get paid enough.

  4. Mary VT commented:

    I liked your review and understand what you are trying to say as I recently visited for the first time and felt the ‘atmosphere’ of subtle arrogance often adopted by cafes who know they are first rate. Maybe it is a Queenstown/international vibe but that aside…they were pleasant, efficient and insanely delicious (the food that is!)although not overly ‘chumsy’. The two salads I tasted left me gobsmacked at their exquisite composition and layering of flavours. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Considered getting some couriered to Chch where I hail from or ‘grabbing a seat’ regularly.

  5. Crimper Chun commented:

    I know these posts are quite old now -but I think I need to say it.
    I only stayed in Queenstown for 2 days and I ate in Motogrill 3 times (one breakfast and 2 lunches) – the corn fritters were AMAZING and made my days, they really rock. The only downside – if wish they were in the UK!!!!!

    A great place to chill out, have good food and read a newspaper or a book. I highly recommend it.

  6. jr commented:

    totally understand your comment about the familiar faces thing, for me I couldn’t care less about the food side of things on a hangover, provided its filling, and doesn’t make me vomit all over the side walk. Getting a ‘friendly’ smile is way more important than getting the recipie right in my OP.
    motogrill does it right, But maybe i’m a familiar face?

  7. On Being a Regular commented:

    […] probably been about 18 months since last I had a coffee at Motogrill. I wouldn’t have ever considered myself a regular there but after a few minutes of sitting at […]