The White Russian

The White Russian, or better (not commonly) known as the Caucasian is a simple drink. Coffee and Milk that get’s you pissed – what’s not to like. The name Caucasian stems from the movie The Big Lebowsky. I want to believe that The Dude has a White Russian in his hand in every scene of the movie, but that just isn’t true, though he has a fair crack mixing a few up when he clearly wasn’t welcome.  Anyhow, The Big Lebowsky – great film you should get it out or download it.

Before you get your hands dirty, you should know that the White Russian has a cousin/brother, the Black Russian. We won’t talk about that right now.

The White Russian is a great drink, strong and tasty. Take a short glass, (also know as a rock) fill it up with ice, add 1 nip of Kahlua, 1 nip of vodka and top it up with milk. Stir and serve with a straw. I want to talk a little bit about some other variations of this, some places will put this all into a shaker, shake and then strain it into a glass of new ice. I don’t have a particular abjection to this being shaken, but it should be shaken gently and definitely not strained. Shaking normally breaks the ice and adds some water to the drink, normally this doesn’t hurt a shaken drink but in this case milk and water definitely do not go together.

Another version of this replaces milk with cream, I actually have a suspicion this has happened because of a problem with translation between the US and the rest of the English speaking world. Americans often refer to full cream milk as cream, and if I for example didn’t know that I would read a drink recipe containing this so called “cream” add cream to my White Russian and not get it how it’s meant to be. Anyway, aside from that cream doesn’t go badly and it doesn’t go that well in a Caucasian. I don’t recommend it, but whatever floats your boat. Just remember, this drink is pretty good as it always has been.

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